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The Flirteezy team is happy to announce that the first test version is available for public download for Android users. The Flirteezy app can now be downloaded to Android smartphones and tablets.

Our current test version (V 1.0) is currently used to test the stability of the server and the app. The final release (also for iOS devices) is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.

The functionality of the app published in the PlayStore is currently still limited. With the final release, however, the full range of functions, as is also known from the web version, will gradually be available.

The following features are currently still restricted:

  • HomeScreen Logo does not represent the final version.
  • Push notifications are currently deactivated.
  • Premium memberships are currently deactivated.
  • Bugs in the gift system.
  • User verification bugs.

The following functions currently correspond to the final release:

  • User search
  • Messaging
  • Location based search (match game)
  • Profile related functions

What we are currently working on:

All of the above open items will be available on all platforms at release towards the end of the year. In addition, we are currently planning a number of new features for the near future that will Flirteezy make a state of the art dating and lifestyle app.

Why we chose an early release on Android:

Android users make up the majority of our members. The demand from the community for a native app continued to grow. Since the current beta version is stable, we decided to publish the app with limited functions for test purposes. In this way we can receive valuable user feedback and optimize our product for the final release.

The current Android version can be downloaded here:

The Flirteezy Dekstop version is available here:

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