Guys are not always honest on their dating profiles. Especially about questions relating to unhealthy habits or the relationship status, many guys tend to lie. Is he ready for a committed relationship or reliable at all? – you can find answers to these questions by reading his profile. Normally you can find hints about that on his profile, even if he prefers to be unfaithful about these topics… Check out the most common things that guys try to hide on their dating profiles here in our blogpost “8 Things Guys Prefer To Lie About On Their Dating Profiles”.

Things Guys like to Hide on Their Dating Profile

You should definitely never judge a book by its cover when it comes to dating. However, that’s not the same for online dating. Men (but also women) often tend to lie about themselves on their dating profiles. Most liars on dating sites hope to get better chances and more matches. But in the end it is a pretty annoying experience, if you find out later, that he is a total different person than you thought at the beginning.

What does his dating profile hide? How to spot him lying by certain phrases in his self-descriptions? The Flirteezy team will bring some light into the darkness about the dating profiles of men.

Hiding his intentions

Most of the time guys try to hide their real intentions on dating profiles. Many men want a simple hookup, casual sex, friendship with benefits or whatever. The problem: not many women are seeking that kind of dates and that is the reason why guys try to pimp their profiles hiding their real intentions.

Many guys use phrases like that:

  • I’m affectionate
  • I’m looking for an open-minded woman
  • I love cuddling
  • I don’t like labels
  • I’m looking for a female friend

…but in the end, most of these phrases really mean: I want an one night stand 😉


Hiding his attitude

The attitude towards women, sex and relationships is another thing many guys try to obscure on their dating profiles. Here are some interesting examples:

  • Instead of saying: „I prefer sex without condoms“ he would say: „I’m adventurous“.
  • Instead of saying: „I’m sexist, lazy“ a guy will say: „I’m looking for a caring woman who can cook“.

These are of course are just a few examples for hiding the real attitude but you can find many many more on the dating profiles of men…


Hiding the age

Many guys prefer to lie about their real age (women of course as well). Depending on their intentions guys tend to be young or older in their dating profiles. Women normally want to be younger than their real age.


Hiding his job

Low-skilled or even jobless men tend to lie about their job. Many of these pretend to be Entrepreneurs, Influencers, IT-geeks or even CEOs. Most men do this just because they want to impress women. Normally you can detect a lie like that really quick just by checking his appearance, his social media profiles or asking questions about his job.


Enhance the financial status

Many men thinking that money can «buy» a woman. Guys like to show off their financial status or material stuff, even if the do not posses it. Most of the time the biggest braggarts are just nothing. Silence is the sound of money talking, so those guys who’re rich indeed would never let others know how much they possess.


Hiding his body shape & height

2-3 inches taller, a few pounds lighter – online it’s so easy to get in shape. Many men are posting old photos of them in a former good shape. If he writes I’m fit and athletic – he might not be lying, he might be implying that once upon a time he indeed used to be so. Normally you can find that out quickly. Simple things like a video call or an invitation to a morning run together are revealing the truth.


Hiding his habits

Unhealthy habits are something were you can find the most guys lying. Especially smoking or drinking habits are a thing that men want to obscure. Below we listed you some common phrases which guys are using and what they really mean:

  • „I love to hang out with my friends at the weekends and I love to have fun“. This could mean that he goes to pubs and drinks regularly.
  • „I’m a big fan of Bob Marley“ – maybe he’s a fan of marijuana as well!?
  • „I am just smoking when I am drunk“. Hmmm, well maybe or maybe not…


Sure, not every guy is a liar and tries to obscure something on his dating profile. Many, especially younger guys, lie and pretend to be somebody else to impress women and to get their attention easily.

In the end it is just about you. You, girls, have to learn how to read between the lines – Watch out!

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