Everyone has a different style when it comes to chatting with a match. If you find out that your match or flirt is not really what you want, then the way to deal with that is definitely not to ghost. Instead, you can make an effort to be a good person and do something good for your Karma as well. No matter the situation, here’s how to reject someone without ghosting and do it on a gentle way.

When someone asking you too quick for your number

Not everybody is comfortable with the idea to give out his personal information like phone number or chat app ids before meeting someone in real. Here are some things you can reply, if someone asks prematurely for your number.

„I usually don’t give out my personal information to people until after we decide to date in real. Is it cool if we chat here a little bit more? 😇“

Usually this answer is met with an agreement and so therefore no need for ghosting or other further actions…

When they ask you for a date and you’re not feeling it

It’s very awkward when someone thinks that you are on the same wave and you do not feel any desire to date with your flirt. Instead of ghosting you might try the following answer – gentle and polite.

„I don’t want to waste your time or my own, so I want to be upfront and truthful. I think we are not really on the same wave in this conversation, and don’t think we should meet 🙂“

Some will appreciate your straight and forward answer, other are getting angry and will ghost you. But hey, you got rid of it.

When someone asks for your Instagram or Facebook

Sharing social media accounts is not everybody’s thing and so it can be very annoying if your hear the question for your IG of Facebook account again and again. Here is a cool phrase how to make the things gently and polite clear.

„Unfortunately, I’m not an influencer so I’m definitely not worth the follow 😉“

If someone keeps pressing, you can get a little bit more serious and say that you’re not comfortable giving out personal social media accounts to people you never met in real life.

When you get asked for a date after one “hey”

Some people like it straightforward and that’s fine. Hey, everybody is different. If you are not comfortable with this direct approach for a date, you can reply with this phrase.

„Whoa, I haven’t even gotten to know what things you hate yet. Tell me your top three and then we can go from there 🕺“

When someone asks you overly personal questions

If it gets too personal for you you can stop these overly personal questions with a simple and very polite phrase:

„Really nice you wanna get to know me, but how about I tell you all my secrets on the fifth or sixth date?“

When you realize you aren’t actually in the right place to date

We are all are humans with complex emotions, and sometimes you don’t know you don’t want to do the thing until you’re already doing the thing. In that case, honesty is the best policy:

„I’ve had fun chatting but to be honest and straightforward, I am just not over my last relationship. I thought I was ready to get back into dating, but I’m realizing now that I’m not. So sorry to say that and hope I didn’t waste your time or lead you on in any way. If/when I am ready and the timing is right, I hope it’s cool if I reach out.“

Honesty this is the best option you can do. No one wants to date somebody who’s still hung up on an ex. You’re doing them — and yourself — a favour.

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