The transition from online to offline is one of the hardest things in online dating? Both parties need to feel safe, confident and must desiring a date. Here are a few tips for smooth moves from online dating to real life.

Start Small

Instead of going asking for a date right after the beginning, start small by chatting and flirting back and forth for while. This is a low-key way to get a little more personal without getting too intimate, too soon. Additionally it makes you desirable and not easy to get.


Let it get deeper

Start after while conversations that require a bit more openness. Talk about more personal suff like family, problems or even intimacy, your match will get to know you on a deeper level, no matter if you just seek a casual date, hook up or serious relationship. Of course it is essential to talk about the right things. With your hook up date it wouldn’t be ideal to talk about real love or your family…

If he or she follows suit, this may be a sign that your match is getting comfortable with you and the next phase of dating is on its way.


Make each other real

The next step is to get familiar in real. That means you should do a video or voice call and talk a bit. You’ll be amazed how much more approachable someone seems after hearing their voice or seeing their facial expressions.

By the way: The Flirteezy Video Chat Feature is the ideal place for a first video chat in a secure way without handing out your personal numbers or social media accounts!


Provide options for the first date

Once you’re confident that your match shares your romantic or casual dating interest, it’s time to propose for the date! Suggest a few options for your first date that are tailored to your match’s interests. Then your date has to make the final call on where you go and when, or even suggest another place for the first date.


Now that you know how to transition from a chat to a date smoothly, try your luck and download Flirteezy today!

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