Messaging with girls is fun if you know how to play the game right. Just because a girl doesn’t text back this does not mean that she is not interested in you. Many girls are getting loads of messages to their inbox and so they just can not reply to all or forget you too quick…

If you are interested in a girl and wish to get her attention via text messages, there are ways to do this really easy. How to always get a reply from your girl online, we explain you here in this blogpost.

No-Go Messages

Never send any boring messages to a girl. Especially stuff like telling her that you care for her and so on. It is pretty inappropriate for the first messages and most girls do not take it serious at all or just heard that kind of stuff several hundred of times. Even the standard phrase “your are beautiful” is not really a good idea. Many girls are hearing that several hundred of times per week, so nothing special!

Sometimes it can happen, that a girl may reply to your messages for a short period. When you keep bombarding her with too many messages, she is likely to get bored or even stressed and stop responding. In the worst case she will even ghost you.

Ideas & tips how to get your girl sending you messages back

Tip #1: In order to get her attention, you could send her bold messages. For instance you can say

“I guess you are busy so I will not trouble you.”

This is creating pressure onto her. Maybe she will realise that she has pushed you too far and may not get any more messages from you. Many even just send you back a message out of kindness and here we go: you are back in the game!


Tip #2: Another excellent way of getting a response from a girl is to send a message like that:

“You are incapable of sending me text messages. Why, my old grandma can send a text message quicker than you can!”

This is a playful way to challenge her… and hey, which girl wants to be more old-fashioned than a grandma!?


Things to avoid when texting a girl

  • Avoid sending her too many cute messages. This will make her stop reading your messages. She will not take your messages serious anymore.
  • Refrain from letting her know your life story, especially if you never met her.
  • Stop complaining about work, politics or someone. A dating app is a fun environment, do not kill the mood!
  • Wait a couple of hours before you respond to her message instead of replying instantly – big mistake! If you reply quickly, the chances are very high that she is still online and will answer you immediately.
  • Do not send her angry messages or threaten her – you will never get any answer this way!

Always remember girls mostly react emotionally and once they decide you are the one, they will reply you. It is your job to send the right messages upfront and make her laugh out loud or interested in you.

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