Dating Safety

Make sure it's safe and secure. Dating and chatting online is fun, but do you know who you're actually talking to? Here we have listed you some dating safety tips and guidelines for using

Safety Rules:
  • Flirteezy staff members and moderators never ask you to provide your password
  • Flirteezy staff members and moderators never ask you to send money
  • Flirteezy staff members and moderators never ask you to provide explicit pictures
  • Do not share explicit pictures or videos with people who you do not know in person
  • Do not send money to people who you do not know in person

To report unlawful or suspicious actions please use our Support-Area. There you can send us a message. Please choose as topic “Fraud/Illegal Activities” to get the highest support priority level!

Be careful with you personal data like your address, social media accounts or phone number. Flirteezy offers you a save environment to communicate without revealing personal data.

Report all suspicious actions to our support team, especially regarding:

  • Child porn,
  • Animal porn,
  • Animal abuse,
  • Child abuse,
  • Abuse in general,
  • Human Trafficking,
  • Fraud,
  • Harassment,
  • any other criminal offences or actions against the law or common moral.

Please provide in more serious cases screenshots of the unlawful action, clearly showing the members name and chat excerpts. We will then investigate the case and report to the local authorities to take further actions if necessary.

Flirteezy Fraud Prevention TeamFlirteezy has an experienced fraud prevention team that specifically searches for fake accounts and dating scammers. After investigation our fraud prevention team removes suspicious accounts from our platform. This guarantees a safe dating experience for all users.

Data Safety

We are against hoarding data and only save the most necessary on our servers. This includes your username, email address, password and ip-adress as well as your filled out profile data.

We do not store credit card- and payment data on our servers. The complete payment processing takes place via our external partners Stripe, PayPal, Google and Apple.

The connection between Flirteezy apps / websites and Flirteezy users is end-to-end encrypted and additionally secured against access by CloudFlare firewalls. These security measures and the fact that we collect and store very little data, ensure that you can enjoy Flirteezy to the highest degree without any security concerns.